Jumat, 15 Januari 2021

6 Decorations at Villa Venues for Wedding

Bali wedding venue

Choosing the best Bali wedding venue does need to be considered, but choosing the right decoration is also important. Unfortunately, there are still many couples who find it difficult to simply determine their own wedding decorations so that they look attractive and not boring. Instead of being confused, here are recommendations for unique and contemporary wedding decorations.

Unique wedding venue receptions decorations

1. Indoor garden

Hoping to hold a wedding with an outdoor concept like in a beautiful flower garden, but it must be canceled due to unfavorable weather? No need to be sad, because now you have to bring this beautiful garden into the wedding hall as an alternative.

Fill the wedding hall with various decorations of fresh green plants or beautiful flower plants. With the right arrangement, it is guaranteed that the room will change completely like being in a mini garden. Meanwhile, the presence of green plants in the room makes the air around feel cool and brings comfort.

2. Picnic Wedding

Indeed, the wedding party is not only a happy day for couples just now, but they want to share that feeling with the guests who attend. Therefore, don't hesitate to use a unique wedding concept like a picnic wedding. The stretch of the mat that functions as a chair substitute, actually adds to the relaxed and warm impression.

3. DIY Photo Decoration

Do you and your partner like to capture moments together? Don't let these photos just be stored in the storage memory, because you can use them as unique decorations for a Bali wedding venue. A pile of memorable photos together, can be placed on a table mat or pasted in several corners to give a romantic impression.

4. Fun Wedding

Marriage is closely related to a beautiful and romantic impression, but that doesn't mean the concept of fun wedding isn't interesting to try. This cheerful concept is able to present a casual and warm impression at the same time, so that guests can feel happiness when attending the party. The use of bright colors for decoration succeeded in making the atmosphere even more exciting.

5. Modern Minimalist

Nowadays, minimalist decorations are popular because they look simple but still luxurious. Besides being able to be embedded as a building style, it turns out that modern minimalist can also be used as the concept of a dream wedding party. You can put some terrariums containing sequins instead of pretty flowers.

6. Ala Princess

The concept of a princess-style wedding has succeeded in making your idol woman transform into a graceful and charming adult princess figure on her special day. This concept does not only focus on the dress worn alone, but is also complemented by unique decorations with fairy tale-like details. Of course, this one concept is suitable to be applied at a Bali wedding venue.

If you are looking for the ideal place to have your dream wedding, then choosing Villa the Surga is the right decision. Here the bride and groom will be spoiled by the beauty of an exotic beach that blends intimately with the beauty of the surrounding hills. Your next task is simply to determine the concept of marriage according to your wishes.

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